Trish McLean


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Recent Songs

‘Known unto God'

Words and music by Trish McLean

 Arranged/produced by James Henderson

The song was written following a visit to the WWI Commonwealth Cemeteries in Northern France. It pays tribute to those soldiers who gave their lives but who could not be identified, hence they lie in graves under the inscription:-

“A Soldier of the Great War, Known unto God”.

Some words are based on memorial tributes to soldiers who are identified by name, and the second verse relates to a specific battle at Beaumont Hamel on July 1st 1916.

Soldiers knew that after leaving the trenches they had little or no chance of survival when they reached a tree which they referred to as the danger tree. 60,000 men were killed or injured in action on one day. The song is also a personal memorial for my Great Grandfather who was killed at Ypres in 1915 and has no known grave.

 ‘Who’s the Hero Now?’ 

Lyrics: Tony Drury

Music: Trish Mclean

Backing singing: Judith Haswell  

Recording; Ron Angus at Studio 1  

This song tells the story of my Great Grandmother Sally Nevin. My Great Grandfather, JohnNevin had volunteered for the war leaving her at home with seven children. On his last return to action he unfortunately left without his Bible. He believed that without it he would not return home safely. Sadly he was killed at Ypres in April 1915. Sally kept a picture of him in uniform above the fireplace. When times were tough Sally would send to the shop for a jug of ale, become tipsy and throw the empty jug and other items at the picture saying “who’s the hero now? I’m the hero left here with all of these kids!” 

The song is in tribute to all of the women left behind and in particular those who never saw their husbands return.

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.

This is how angels sound in springtime.